Saturday, March 20, 2010

Rabbit Turds and Other Stuff We Thrust of Those Who Trust...Part 2 of 4: Dents and Scratches

What got in her head, and led Sue Butchko to eat,
Those round rabbit droppings, she brought back to her seat?
“None for me, thanks for the offer.”
Taken in, how did it alter?
How did my mocks, hurt and pock?
Could she shove it back, push it off with a grin?
Did she take it deep in, or just in her skin?

How deep was my action, to think of dear Charlie, in cheap satisfaction?
One day I delayed, walked home with a cupcake, I had put away.
His smiling didn’t slow down my try, sure and swift, stuck it right in his eye!
Why would I shove it so hard? We loved that knock-kneed crossing guard.
There are wonders in the stuff we thrust upon those who trust in us.
How does it feel, as the truth lies, apart, asunder, a’bust?

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