Saturday, March 27, 2010

Fertile the Folly of Blunders that Settle in Slow

(First of three parts:)

Fertile the folly of blunders that settle in slow,
Limber the folly flows to tucked virgins’ toes,
One slow row, in low cold water will hasten the flow,
Into the creeks to fill and seep, fill and filter down,
Wearing it down, slow it down, wearing the slow flow down,
Slow the flow of low cold water, over the one slow row,
Hasten and sew, sew a few buttons but save,
Save all the clear buttons to seal up the grave.

Machten the sheissen, makin’ it tougher, to toughen will make it fit,
Just makin’ tough scheissen, the sheissen is it.
In scarlet in color, your love lies inert,
Devour the color and cover in dirt.
Live in deep in cluttered life cadence,
He takes down a life, to one slow roll,
He eats less, yes he lives longer, yes on and onward entreats,
Enrolls, entreats those in seats, entreats all those who eat.

(Part two tomorrow...)

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