Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lehighton Girls Field Hockey In State Finals Again

Bittersweet: The team poses with their medals and State Champion Runner-up Trophy moments after the game.

Coach McCain, Lauren Michalik's family and the Rabenolds cheer just as the team was leaving town under police and fire dept escort Saturday morning.

In an unprecedented run, the Lehighton Girls Field Hockey Team fell short of consecutive state championships when they lost to Wyoming Seminary on Saturday November 20th, 2010.

It was a new team with the same dream.  The 2009 team went 23-0 and won it all last year.  This year, the Lady Indians fell one game short, placing 2nd in the state in AA class.  Prior to 2009, no Lehighton team had even reached the final game before.

It is time for this great group of girls to take stock of what they accomplished: They won the Mountain Valley Conference and they are also District XI Champions and State Champion Runner-up.  But more importantly, they worked together toward a common goal and demonstrated great class in their hard work and determination. 

They will be remembered for this accomplishment.  They will remember these days among the best of their lives.  And we the fans are grateful to them for taking us on this thrilling ride into the post season once again.  You gave us something to cheer about!  Thank you!

Kim Rabenold and Kathy David, Lauren's aunt, share a laugh at catching "H-Indian Fever."

Coaches Hindy, Schenberger, Frey, and Schleicher we thank you.  Congratulations Team!

Lehighton, Mahoning, and Franklin Police and Fire Departments offer the team a proper send-off on their way to the title game.

Coach Hindy in a post game interview.

Current and former LAHS students gather for some body painting.  That's Sara Snyder, the goalie from the 2009 team, painting Mark Schaeffer.  Jon Rabenold and Kyle Hunter are also all maroon.

Lehighton fans gather early and display their team pride in signs.  Neither Seminary, nor either team in the AAA game decorated like the Lehighton Fans. ,

Proud mom Cindy Berger takes a break from decorating and wonders how effective her voodoo doll will be.
Jon Rabenold with his game chest and face on.

Jordyn Homyak provides her take on the game to Times News reporter Emmett McCall.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Somewhere in the Woods of Carbon County

A meadow within the state game lands near Pin #11.

It was a nice walk today, scouting for White-tail.  I found fresh beds and new runways.  The forest itself was all anew from the two weeks since my last visit.  Then it still had the color of life, it offered a fuller canopy for the dwellers of the forest.  Today, it was as if someone had suddenly ripped the blanket off and it has turned colder.  This was Nature insisting that these things must change.  The browse now burnt orange and brown.  Growth and renewal must be halted.  For some it is time of rest. 

Two grouse, a female and a dark male, drinking in the road.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Lehighton Middle School Students Conquer Mt. Pisgah

Students get glimpse into the Switchback Railroad's glory days by ascending the old Wagon Road.  At the top, they walked along the old Trestle foundations and out toward the old pavilion and on to the old strip mine pits, toward the Indian Spring and the Hacklebernie Mine, which is the first deep tunnel mine ever driven in the United States.

Maura Phelan is all smiles as she catches her first glimpse of the Lehigh Gorge from 900 feet above, just below the Mt Pisgah Engine House along the former Switchback Railroad bed (All photos courtesy of Fenna Millen-Phelan).

Students viewed an old cast iron pipe that brought water to these cisterns for the Mt Pisgah Engine house just above the bank on this picture (Picture: Fenna Millen-Phelan).

Students Elena Beckett, Maura Phelan, and Traci Edmunds pose at the base of the cistern (Picture: Fenna Millen-Phelan).

Students see historical artifacts and beautiful fall views of the Lehigh Gorge, the Lehigh Gap, Little Gap, the Upper Mauch Chunk Cemetery, and climb the old culm piles from the strip mining from atop Mount Pisgah.

West of the Trestle, students found this culm pile, debris coal from the Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company's mining operations on the top of the mountain.

To descend, the students went down the plane the empty coal cars were pulled up.  It's about 630 feet of relief to the bottom to Sam Miller Baseball field.  Originally, the plane was about 660 feet in elevation but they filled about 30 feet of dirt atop of what was once the Barney Pit.  The Barney pit housed the cars that were pulled by steal bands and pushed the cars to the top of Mt Pisgah.

Students pose high above the gorge with quite a view.  (Photo courtesy of Mrs. Beckett)

Ethan and his mother enjoy fooling with an abandoned car atop Mt Pisgah.  (Photo courtesy of Mrs. Beckett)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Jon: Senior Night - It was your poetic moment...Love, Dad

Marty Bollinger (front row with glasses), then Ian Christman, Jon Rabenold, Conner Jamison, and Jordan Homyak

Senior boys Noah Tkach, Sean Maloney, Matt Rebovich, #9 Jon Rabenold and Conner Jamison along with Field Hockey players Jordan Homyak, Kacey Beck, and Echo Bretz

Just a few of the Senior Banners that lined Mahoning Street. 
A tip of the hat to Double R and his "Good Luck" mousehole.

It was your poetic moment

Without shape or form

Like the Lehigh without its banks

Without the push that flung the stars and dust

The same stars I still see

Brightly shining

In rhyme

Without reason

I walk into the light

You vanish

Submerge again

See your brilliance

It was your night

Unrolling the golden flow

Filling the valley

In your poetic moment

As we stood waiting for you

The Lehighton Cheerleaders started a tradition of decorating the homes of senior players the night before Senior Night.  Much thanks for this goes to Coach Lisa Sawyer and to her witty and talented daughter Hailey.

Kim and Nate with legendary Lehighton coach and long time Rabenold family friends Jim and Shirley Wentz.

We held your hands

You your ginger

Springing steps

Finding your strides

Back and forth


Your last game

The birches

The flittings of Kinglets

The rest of the creepers



Blanketing the forest floor

Along the returning birches

Their vanishing forms

Becoming your guideposts

The Lehighton Alma Mater is sung with much more enthusiasm after a win.

A moment with Mom and Son. (Jon and Kim Rabenold)

Jordan Homyak and Jon Rabenold share a smile with the score behind them.

Move through, pass along

Near the dwelling I felt

You in your passing

I am touched

This wind it stretches

And raises the crown

The boughs reflect

The stirring the

Magical stitches

Stay on


Stay on

For Jon – Love Dad October 29, 2010
Dad and Son. (Ron and Jon Rabenold)