Sunday, March 28, 2010

Shoving the Joy Away from the Table...Place Your Hope in the Bells

(Part two of three:)
Pull and pull the sleeve, expose the watch, watch him with care,

Stab the air, tickle with thrusts, tickle in blank death’s air,
Live lovingly out, live, contest, love without,
He loves he thinks, he loves in the least, loves those least who sit at the feast,
He indeed needs so deeply, he indeed feels love in the least,
Rudely he points, points and he shucks, he thrusts, points, and drones,
Shoving the joy away from the table, he shucks, thrusts, and moans.

Let the will form, its own little chamber, futile red lub-dub,
The will of the blood, ba-dumm, tun-tumm, red blood lub-dub,
Let will help the flow, in blood, lub-dub it flows,
Bells sound the joy, a futile tun-tumm of hope, sweet hope,
Mouth full of hope, ‘til hope a’flutters a tin lope-dope,
With teeth set on teeth, ring folly the folly foretells,
Place your hope, all of your hope, place it in the bells.

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