Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Six Verses of Thoreau Along the Lehigh by Ronald Rabenold

Here's to the Advent of Spring:

Blue and green, white
Contrasts red, black and white
Wind, light and water
Against bough, girded steel and rock

Things are not the same
Paltry puddle against aching thirst
Immoral versus immortal
Colliding visions lifted
Above grassed plain

I know the rock sings
Not the “babbling brook”
The steel does not bend
Yet the light does slant

Sounds carried
Leafed life lifted
Expanding universal law
“Solitude will not be solitude”
Winds will push along
Turning green white

Eternal singing rocks
Tinkering smattering plashing patter
Softening tinkling splashing
Rippling dashing

Alone among amid
Colliding adrift
Rigid and free


  1. any body who quotes Thoreau is in touch with the gods

  2. Very nice.
    Do you ever read The Tao Te Ching?

  3. Much obliged...I like your quote Terry...

    I think anyone in love with beauty and truth must be somewhere along the Path...Thanks for the look...Ron