Saturday, March 6, 2010

Tonight Your Hell is Broken - by Ronald Rabenold

Tonight your Hell is broken
from the shards of glass you made
In the space you placed
Between you and your life
Your self-made comfort
could be predicted
Farther you dig
sharper it gets urges taking you deep
swimming through shards
See light along edges
through possible angles
Strokes become short
see how you’ll die
Go forth
Live alluded certainty
fate still certain
this weight your burden
Without digging you’re drowning
Enjoy the folly
Stack up stack glass
stack up against it
stack it pitch on
against the light.

Sometimes I gather and
Sometimes I stand in starkness.


  1. Shades of Eliot's "The Hollow Men."

    Disturbing, digging deep inside. Thanks!

  2. Thanks Terry. That means a lot from you.

    I'll check your reference. Thanks!

  3. Here's an interesting dovetail. My post this evening starts "Like A Shattered Glass". Thought I would check you out. I like your country.