Monday, June 21, 2010

When I Close My Eyes - Belching Petroleum

I couldn't hold my tongue any longer...I just had to belch something...sorry...RJR

When I close my eyes I see

Brown water colors wicking onto white deckled paper
I can imagine it in green when I try.
But the brown is there each time I let my mind in natural pose
Each time I close my eyes.
It was always there.
I hadn’t noticed it until the crude started belching in the Gulf.
Belching and crudeness.
Belching Petroleum.
Some say we could see executives behind bars.
I laugh.
Tell Rush Limbaugh he’s right, it’s just natural, go ahead, eat at your oyster bar now, I dare you.
Thirst for the crude.
He loves belching with crudeness.
I enjoy seeing the color of my paints, as I mimic mother Earth
I will not be hurt when I close my eyes
Though in brown my spirit gets coated

Tonight I saw a golden sunset set, with a wash board white clouded sky.
The blue was blue, despite being June.
It was natural.
I can still see it when I close my eyes.

RJR – June 18, 2010


  1. Wow! Powerful. You gotta get this published somewhere national.

  2. I'm humbled...Thanks...You're my #1 Fan...

    Maybe EIB Network will pick it up off the wire?

  3. 'I can still see it when I close my eyes' - this line makes the tone even more is a shame that such things happen...eventually, we might come to see things naturally ONLY when we close out eyes...

    PS Okie might be your No. 1 visible and active fan...I'm just incredibly lazy and like dozing off in the shadows...

    Best, Ronald!

  4. My goodness Imola, much thanks for the profound're a good Blog friend too...I always respect and appreciate your looks...It is I who is the lazy one...I have so many stories clogging up my mental queue that dont get typed, let only looking at my favorite Blogs, your's being one of sorry for slacking in that area...I promise to visit in more than my curosory fashion of late...promise...thanks again...'see' you soon...RJR