Thursday, September 9, 2010

I Look For Walt at the Bottoms of My Shoes - By Ronald Rabenold

I look for Walt at the bottoms of my shoes, while I move along,

I wait for Emily in white.

I cannot love them all,

I can only love part of myself.

My heels scuff along those drafty cracks along the wooden slats.

Opposing my own nature, I resist the chemicals in my blood,

I find no comfort in capital.

Take the hammers, sledges and saws, search on,

Look for the warmth that is there.

Go look on the blood splattered altars of Leviticus,

Go among the concubines and eyes for eyes,

Go, look for them, faded as pink as the scars from eons of treading,

They hide like grapes beneath their phalanx of leaves,

I search with my tongue, the progeny they protect,

They urge to press on, urging more to move on.

Look for comfort there

It is there,

Always moving along.

By Ronald Rabenold - Sept 2010

Acrylic by Randolph Rabenold (my Dad)- Late 1950s
Thank you Dad for your gift of your own kind of expression.  You're one of a kind.


  1. Stunning....I've wondered about you, and missed your writing, and it's worth the wait. Make sure and send this to Kay...she's back a little, and stunning also. We are all children of Walt...

    My blogging is suffering, I'm getting sidetracked posting irritating things on Facebook instead of here. See my posts on Chamberlain at Gettysburg, if you haven't., and the Labor Day poetry festival.

    I need to get to Pennsylvania again and have a inspiration fest with my tow Yankee friends.


  2. Your comments are always most welcome here...Have you read the bio on Chamberlain, "Heart of a Lion (soul of a woman as one general referred to him...)...Great read...I can loan you my copy when you visit here in the NE...And yes I did check out Kay's site too...Love the sounds in her words...Take care...Ron

  3. ''I cannot love them all, / I can only love part of myself. [...]/They urge to press on, urging more to move on./Look for comfort there/It is there,/Always moving along.''

    Lovely! Looking for comfort, when comfort is never fully there, never complete, and always a world that can only be loved in bits and pieces...


  4. Very nice work Mr. Rabenold. Your poetry voice is really interesting: calm and floating but behind that screen this deep well of emotion that isn't named directly, letting it be filled in by the reader.

    Also, your dad's work is so beautiful. I want one!

  5. Thanks Mike, I appreciate your feedback...You'll have to come over and check out some of his stuff I have...see you soon...Ron

  6. Love this poem..Walt will always be waiting for all of us who admired and respected him and his body of work. There is a lot of great thought behind this verse! Your father's artwork is truly amazing!