Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lehighton Cross Country versus Pocono Mountain East and West - September 29th, 2010

Jen Beers, Amanda Acabou, Alyssa Schleicher, Emily Oldt

Brian Piekarski, Dave Magyar, Chris Bosco, Ryan Coulter, Shaun Mann, Jeremy Rehrig, Daulton Radler, Josiah Evans (Missing: Jeremy Gornick)

The Lehighton Cross Country Team continues to enjoy their 2010 season.
Amanda looks intense as she rounds the corner.  She also competes on her U18 Soccer team.
Coach Blaugh of Pocono Mountain East gives runners final instruction.

Coach Blaugh must be talking about the generous amounts of food the PME Parent's Club is setting out once again.
Coach Blaugh discusses the acorns near the first mile turn.
The team's senior leadership is comprised of 3rd year senior and former MVP Josiah Evans, 2nd year senior Jeremy Gornick, and 1st year senior Brian Piekarski.  Last year's MVP is junior David Magyar.  Underclassmen are Daulton Radler, Ryan Coulter, Chris Bosco, and Shaun Mann.  The boys are beginning to gel as a team with one victory over Pocono Mountain West earlier in the season, the first win over that team in several years.

The Lady Harriers lost much in last year's senior class with few ladies willing to step in.  The ladies are led by 2nd year junior Alyssa Schleicher and 2nd year sophomores Emily Oldt and Amanda Acabou.  Unfortunately, without the minimum of 5 runners, the girls are unable to compete as a team.

The Lehighton Area Middle School is represented by Jenifer Beers, who is having much success. 

Josiah knows how to use the hills to his advantage.
A solid group of Lehighton runners.
Daulton led all Lehighton runners heading into the first mile.
Emily charges Mya of PME on the uphill finish.  Emily finished 6th among the girls.

Not many things are as intense as the moment before "GO!".
BOYS:  Lehighton Vs PME:
Though the LAHS boys have shown steady progress the last few years, the shear numbers that PME brings is much to overcome.  With 8 of their 22 boys able to run the 3.1 miles of this hilly course under 22 minutes, Lehighton can do little to hold off East.  Dave Magyar finished 5th against East as Lehighton's only scoring runner.  Magyar finishes 6th of 37 runners, following by Radler 13th, Evans 17th, Coulter 21st, Piekarski, Bosco, Rehrig, and Mann (also battling a nagging injury, returning in this his first race in 2 weeks). Lehighton loses 16 to 37.

BOYS: Lehighton Vs PMW:
Though Lehighton beat West in the first half of the season, West took the win as they caught Lehighton without their #3 runner this week.  Jeremy Gornick was unable to compete due to a strained back.  Get better soon Jeremy!  As a result, West wins with a slimt margin of 26 to 29.

Forfeit to both East and West due to only 2 Lehighton girls in competition.   Oldt finishes 6th of 21 runners followed by Acabou 14th.

Jen has represented LAMS well.  Here close to the finish at the Middle School race.

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