Thursday, November 4, 2010

Jon: Senior Night - It was your poetic moment...Love, Dad

Marty Bollinger (front row with glasses), then Ian Christman, Jon Rabenold, Conner Jamison, and Jordan Homyak

Senior boys Noah Tkach, Sean Maloney, Matt Rebovich, #9 Jon Rabenold and Conner Jamison along with Field Hockey players Jordan Homyak, Kacey Beck, and Echo Bretz

Just a few of the Senior Banners that lined Mahoning Street. 
A tip of the hat to Double R and his "Good Luck" mousehole.

It was your poetic moment

Without shape or form

Like the Lehigh without its banks

Without the push that flung the stars and dust

The same stars I still see

Brightly shining

In rhyme

Without reason

I walk into the light

You vanish

Submerge again

See your brilliance

It was your night

Unrolling the golden flow

Filling the valley

In your poetic moment

As we stood waiting for you

The Lehighton Cheerleaders started a tradition of decorating the homes of senior players the night before Senior Night.  Much thanks for this goes to Coach Lisa Sawyer and to her witty and talented daughter Hailey.

Kim and Nate with legendary Lehighton coach and long time Rabenold family friends Jim and Shirley Wentz.

We held your hands

You your ginger

Springing steps

Finding your strides

Back and forth


Your last game

The birches

The flittings of Kinglets

The rest of the creepers



Blanketing the forest floor

Along the returning birches

Their vanishing forms

Becoming your guideposts

The Lehighton Alma Mater is sung with much more enthusiasm after a win.

A moment with Mom and Son. (Jon and Kim Rabenold)

Jordan Homyak and Jon Rabenold share a smile with the score behind them.

Move through, pass along

Near the dwelling I felt

You in your passing

I am touched

This wind it stretches

And raises the crown

The boughs reflect

The stirring the

Magical stitches

Stay on


Stay on

For Jon – Love Dad October 29, 2010
Dad and Son. (Ron and Jon Rabenold)


  1. Love it. Can't believe I missed it.

  2. A nice night...a nice win...a nice walk with my son...thanks Joel...