Monday, February 28, 2011

Packerton Yard -A postcard View from 1916

Here is a picture of my grandfather Zach Rabenold and his brother George and the men of the "Roundhouse" at the
Packerton Yard. Many were German immigrants who settled in Jamestown and the lower half of the town of Lehighton. Among some of these working men, was a small group who resorted to terror tactics such as dynamiting lines and an attempt to blow up the Packerton Dam, which the yard used as their water source.  All this was spilled over frustration from what they deemed as unfair compensation and working conditions.
This picture was probably taken in the 1920s. Zach was born in February 1885 and died in October 1950.  George
was born May 1887 and died October 1955.  Both lived their lives in Lehighton and were sons of
Charles B and Susan E. Rabenold.

From J. M. Kruder's "Sanitary Survey of Lehighton, PA (1916)."     A detailed analysis and description of the sanitary
conditions of Lehighton by a Harvard Medical School doctor.  It includes many first hand photos and Department of
Health statistics and recommendations for this industrious town of German migrants which still did not have
a central water or sewage system.  Much more to come from this unique look at Lehighton soon.

Be sure to see the post on the history of the Packerton Yards when it was the community of "Burlington" that existed there
before for flood of 1862.   Click here:

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