Sunday, April 3, 2011

Jim Thorpe St. Patrick's Day Parade - March 2011

Looking up Broadway just before the parade.

Just a few shots from this year's event. Some say it's a tradition that must go on. Others say the public drinking and all the associated problems are outweighing the benefits. One non-profit on Broadway made over $400 in hot dog sales. I spoke with one owner of an office complex along Broadway who says the nuissances and the oversight needed to keep his property free from the ill-effects of the party-goers doesn't outweigh the positives the parade brings. You won't hear the same worries from the homes filled with the revelers.

One of the many street performers along the route.

Patiently waiting for the start?  The parade was over an hour late.

The mounted state police from Philadelphia on imposing draft horses lead the way.

The boys from the Bucktail Regiment fire their muskets in a show of respect
for the Irish miners hung at the Carbon Jail on the "Day of the Rope" - June 21, 1877. 
The guard tower stands over the route above. 

Many of the bagpipe groups return to their favorite house
parties for after parade reverie.

Oh the humanity...parade aftermath.  The Jim Thorpe Chief of
Police listed all the public drunkness and disorderly conduct
citations in the next day's Times News.

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