Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Haas's of Andreas & Snyders

The United Methodist Church along Route 895, taken facing
Just a quick post of the Haas gravesites found along Route 895 in Andreas, about a mile before Route 309. If traveling west, you will see the orange brick of the United Methodist Church on the Right.  I must apologize for this hasty montage of pictures.  They may not be in the correct position.  I figured it was more important getting these online, as I am uncertain when I'll get time to do it right.  If you see something below
that you have questions, feel free to contact me by email or Facebook.

(Haas Story)

Mother and Father, Mary Alice (Straub) and David Haas
on the left, with Clinton and Mamie on the right.  Clinton died just 12 days
before Mamie, who died of cancer.  Clinton died an agonizing, unknown death.

This is the hotel that sat behind the train station at New Ringgold that
Clinton owned before moving to Lehigh County.  Some of the Haas's met
their spouses here.  Today the building is gone, replaced by a modern
gas station, catty-corner from the New Ringgold Inn, run by 80-something Beaty
Beisak whose mother was Mayme Haas (she married William Kistler).  Mayme was
the daughter of Lewis Haas of Andreas.  Beaty remembers the hotel well
as a little girl and remembers operating the signals to tell the trains to stop
to pick up passengers.  Beatty has been the Poppy Queen Chair fpr the
New Ringgold VFW for 30 years.  Her husband flew B-29s in the war.  She's also
Election Inspector in her ward.  She's the happiest bartender I ever met.  She owns and
operates the Inn.  Stop in and see her on her birthday, October 7th.

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