Saturday, May 21, 2011

Looking for the Apocalypse along the Lehigh Gorge...

The following are the closest things I could find of anything resembling the Apocalypse.

The Eastern Cottonwoods, their fluffy, dropping
catkins or racemes, make for ghostly-like
appearances along the Lehigh Gorge.

Serpents among us lingering from Genesis?

The Copperhead slinks away.  (Click here to see video of this serpent slinking away.)

About 4:00 AM, a southbound train derails at the Penn
Haven Junction trestle.  Certainly the engineer may
have thought his end was near.  Well, at least the
derailment happend at the end of the trestle anyway.

Workers were on the scene most of the day.  The two
boxcars seen here were off the tracks.

This black snake defying gravity is
traveling in the wrong direction.

This Five-lined Skink raced about as if needing to get somewhere.

This skink is facing, looking for God in a Thunderhead.

The Serpent prepares for the battle that surely is to come.

The Skink looks to be sulking.  Disappointed by the
day's non-happening?

Still, he looks ever vigilant.  I can't tell if he's hopeful or
if he feels left out.  Do lizards have emotions?  Souls?

A rock slide could be evidence of nature in turmoil on the front
edge of impending doom.

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