Thursday, February 25, 2010

Packerton Yard & President Reagan

What ever possessed the artist to fling his creativity onto the wall of the Packerton Yard building back in the 1990s?
Whomever created such a skilled piece, to give of one's own energy, is such a resplendent gift, given freely to the countless, the nameless. To tuck such an interesting work, into a vacant, cold, open building boggles my mind. Someone saw a canvas, felt an expression, and anonymously gave of themself. Though it is gone, it is a gift I still appreciate today.

Our county commissioners have pinned hopes of an economic revival at this site, tearing down the last standing building of this historic place, the last visible evidence of our railroad's heyday. These pictures are all that remain, the portrait now lost in the rubble, a reversed mosiac.

A few people have had some sneaking suspicions to the mystery aritist. The leads I have checked into, namely Manny DaCosta of Jim Thorpe and Joe Bauer of Lehighton have turned out to be unsubstantiated hopes. Though Manny, always the character, gave his reply using his best Foster Brooks shtick.

Can anyone shed some light onto this artistic mystery?


  1. What questions! What thought! We Americans are so amazing, always asking questions and seeing beauty. Thanks!

  2. Who indeed? Let us know if and when you find out! Loved perusing your blog here this morning. Good thoughts and skilled writing. Are you shoveling out under a foot and a half of snow this morning? We have about a foot here near Tunkhannock.

  3. I really appreciate your comments. I enjoy telling stories and conveying emotion, the 'skilled writing' though makes me blush. Thank you. And the storm hit us, but most of the day was above freezing so little to clean today!...