Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Veteran's Day with Dad at Legion Post #314

Randy Rabenold's graduation picture from Parris Island.  He's 6th from the right in the second row.

Complete Story of Randy Rabenold's service in the Marine Corps in Korea up to the Inchon Invasion Part ONE

Rabenold's story from Inchon to the Chosin Reservoir Part TWO

Rabenold and the Bulldogs - Part THREE

For Randy's Trench Art from Korea 

Memorial Day 2013 Presentation of the Rabenold and First Marines in Korea

I spent Veteran's Day with my Dad at our Legion.  It was a good afternoon: I got to hear about frostbite in the Alps before the Battle of the Bulge and other good stories, Dad hit $200 on a raffle, and we talked sports with the gang.  Brother Rick stopped by too.  I got to hear Dad say "Happy Birthday" to every Marine who walked in the door.  I learned how the Marines are 1 year older than our country.  They were formed in Tun Tavern in Philadelphia in 1775 on November 10th.  I got to thank several veterans for their service too.

On Friday, Dad came to my classroom and shared his stories with two of my classes.  Then, our Student Council hosted several community veterans, including faculty members who served, for a lunch.  Dad was presented with an encased flag.

It was a special day.

Did I mention that I got to spend some time with my Dad?

Thanks for serving Dad.

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Dad's machine gun crew in Korea.  With Frenchie Labeau from New Orleans far right and Greenie from Massachusetts
second from right.  Dad carries this picture everywhere he goes.

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